Professional Voice Care


Professional voice care involves voice care of those who use their voice in their professions and who are experiencing difficulties with vocal production or stamina.


Services Offered

Laryngeal videostroboscopy     Vocal fold phonosurgery
Neurolaryngeal evaluation   Microflap surgery
Laryngeal electromyography   Vocal fold scar revision
Objective voice measurement   Vocal fold medialization
Laryngeal airflow measurement   Laryngeal framework surgery
Pulmonary airflow measurement   Laryngeal fracture repair
Flexible laryngoscopy   Airway (laryngotracheal) reconstruction
Speaking voice analysis   Arytenoid adduction
Acting voice analysis   Thyroplasty
Singing voice therapy   Arytenoidopexy
Speaking voice therapy    Arytenoidectomy
Acting voice therapy   Laryngeal cancer surgery
Botulinum toxin injection    Laryngeal conservation (cancer)
Vocal fold injection   Papilloma treatment
Collagen injection   Removal of bleeding vocal fold vessels
Laryngeal videokymography   Cricopharyngeal myotomy
Esophageal Manometry   Esophageal dilation
Esophagoscopy   Zenker's diverticulectomy
24 hour pH Monitoring   CO2 laser surgery
Endoscopic swallowing evaluation   Laryngeal reinnervation
Laryngeal sensory testing   Voice restoration