Pediatric Otolaryngology


At Philadelphia Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates, we offer complete otolaryngologic care for children and infants.  Our physicians have privileges at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, both of which offer a complete range of services for pediatric patients, including pediatric anesthetic care, pediatric intensive care units, and pediatric nursing and post-surgical care units.  We coordinate all of our care with the patients' pediatricians to assure both continuity and concurrence.



Pediatric Services Offered Include Treatment of:

Cleft lip Otitis media (fluid ear/ear infections) 
Cleft palate Congenital ear malformations
Congenital atresia Congenital hearing loss
Sinusitis Congenital syndromes
Adenoiditis Midface abnormalities
Adenoid hypertrophy Skull deformities and abnormalities
Snoring Mastoiditis
Tonsillitis Cholesteatoma
Obstructive sleep apnea Perforated tympanic membrane (ear drum)
Nasal fracture  Laryngomalacia
Facial fracture Laryngeal cleft
Facial laceration Bronchomalacia
Facial trauma Subglottic stenosis
Tracheomalacia Laryngeal stenosis
Croup Glottic stenosis
Laryngeal web Noisy breathing
Reflux (GERD/LPR) Neck infection
Neck mass Branchial cleft abnormalities
Branchial cleft cyst Enlarged lymph nodes
Thyroid problems Congenital lymphangiomas
Cystic Hygromas Hemangiomas